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Telegraph Cove aerial view 1992

Telegraph cove aerial view 1992 

Telegraph Cove aerial view 2014Telegraph cove aerial view 2014

The Wagner family began vacationing at Telegraph Cove in 1981, drawn to northern Vancouver Island’s amazing scuba diving and fishing opportunities.  The Wagners, deeply rooted in the real estate profession, incorporated Telegraph Cove Venture, Inc (TCV) in 1991 to develop 315 acres at Telegraph Cove for landowner Telegraph Cove Holdings Ltd.

Since 1991, TCV has proudly developed Telegraph Cove Marina and RV Park, Dockside 29 suites, Telegraph Point strata subdivision, boat storage buildings, industrial buildings, and substantial infrastructure and trail network. Telegraph Cove Utilities (TCU) was also developed to serve the growing user base on Telegraph Cove Holdings' 315 acres of land. TCU is an innovative, sustainable private water-sewer utility, developed with informed simplicity.

Prior to his retirement in 2012, the Telegraph Cove development was headed by Clyde A. "Bud" Wagner.  Bud had 47 years (and nearly 50 projects) of experience in real estate development in Washington State and Maui, Hawaii.  Bud’s most noteworthy development prior to Telegraph Cove was the luxury, oceanfront Wailea Point condominium in South Maui. TCV benefits from three-generations of family member leadership in the development at Telegraph Cove.  

Telegraph Cove work began by tackling an arduous regulatory process in tandem with removal of decades-old accumulated sawmill and logging debris. Over 1,000 truckloads from upland and within Telegraph Cove were excavated and properly removed from the foreshore.  Extensive cove dredging was also undertaken.

Today, the environmentally restored cove is the pristine cornerstone of Telegraph Cove.

Our thoughtfully planned vision is not complete. Development continues on the next phases of oceanfront/ocean view homesites at Telegraph Point.  On our drawing board are waterfront townhouses, retail establishments, a lodge, and arboretum/golf course. There are exciting opportunities for entrepreneurs and we invite you to contact us regarding your vision.


Excavator at lot 5