News from Telegraph Cove

Phase 2 and Phase 3 Lots Sold Out!

In October, 2007 Phase 2-3 (Lots 15-24) achieved "sold out" status. Telegraph Cove Venture is actively developing more homesites in phases 4-8 at Telegraph Point. Additional information to be added to the website as it becomes available, or Email for more info.

Phase 1 Lots Sold Out!

In June, 2007 Phase 1 (Lots 1-14) achieved "sold out" status.

Telegraph Point Subdivision Phases 2-3 (Lots 15-24) Filed

On October 27, 2006, Phases 2-3 were filed in the Land Title Office. This means that all approvals are now in place for you to purchase and build on magnificent Telegraph Point lots 15-24. Sales are ongoing.

Telegraph Cove Road Paving Project Completed

No more dusty road! We are delighted to announce that reconstruction, widening and paving has taken place on the last 3.6 kilometers of the Telegraph Cove Road. This 2-million-dollar road reconstruction project began in July, 2005 and was completed in June, 2006. Enjoy a smooth ride all the way to Telegraph Cove.

Paving Completed at Telegraph Point - Phases I, II, and III.

Paving for Telegraph Point lots 1 - 24 was completed in June of 2006. Additional paving was completed on Hilliard Drive and Boat Ramp Road.

2 Million Gallon Reservoir is fully operational

Our 2-million-gallon raw water reservoir was completed in October, 2005. This is an enormous benefit to our long-term water needs. Our licensed, state of the art water treatment plant, with 125,000 gallon water storage tank, provides pure, clean drinking water to our homesites, Dockside 29, and RV sites. Our well-engineered sewer system stands ready to easily handle the additional demand of our homesite owners and more. Large water mains, fire hydrants, underground power now energized, and fiber optic phone lines await our Telegraph Point buyers.